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What personal data we collect and why we collect them.

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This note governs our website as it relates to the types of data we collect from our site visitors, why we collect them, and how we use them.

*We collect visitors data only when they fill in the contact forms on our website. We collect their contact information and bio-data, and any other information they willingly submit to us such as:

*Email addresses
*Phone numbers and many more, for the sole purpose  of contacting them on what services we may render to them and the time frame they would like us to render the services. And the specific types of data we collect are well stated in each form on designated pages of our website.

Therefore, as long as you keep on browsing through our website and filling in our contact forms after reading this Privacy Policy, you are consenting to us in our usage of your contact details or personal data for the purposes mentioned above.

However, in the other eventuality that you do not agree to this policy and as stated above, we advise that you do not fill in our contact forms and use the other means of contacting us instead, as clearly displayed on the homepage of our website.

You can always reach us on our dedicated email address at

We will on our part do our very best to ensure that the contact details, personal data and any other information you willingly submit to us do not get into the hands of any third party.


When visitors visits our website, a preset cache software on our backend will help us save our website’s contents on their browser, and this cache software collects no personal data. What it does is to help us serve our website’s content better and faster to the visitors, as a way of enhancing their experience on our website when next they visit.

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